Successful selling requires the right mix of mindset, capability and behaviour. Not only do you need to flex for different types of clients, but you also need to gear yourself differently for each stage of the selling process. When we rely too heavily on our strengths we run the risk of losing the sale to overkill. And the sweet spot for the customer might lie in our weak blindspot.

Our effective selling programme will help you tailor your approach and strengthen the impact of your sales effort.

Switch on your sales effectiveness by learning how to adapt your style ...

"Effective Selling & Influencing" Accelerator

Our Effective Selling & Influencing Workshop will:

  • Teach you to adapt your style to suit the customer
  • Improve how you do each stage of the sales process
  • Lead to increased sales and better, faster decision-making
  • Boost your sales confidence that you're doing all you can as well as you can

    Sales & Influencing Effectiveness FactSheet

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