Emotionally intelligent leaders use diversity to generate value

Switched on leaders want each of their people and teams to make their best possible contribution. So they create an environment in which unique talents and different perspectives collaborate. However, it's not easy to truly bring differences together. Not many people and teams are comfortable with healthy conflict. Collaboration is an attitude and skill-set that has to be constantly learned.

Our training programme will give your leaders practical ways to facilitate diversity and inclusion.

Switch on your team's diversity with our Inclusive Leader Accelerator...

"The Inclusive Leader" Accelerator

Our Inclusivity and Diversity Workshops provide:

  • Positive, focused, discovery-based learning experience
  • Provides concrete actions, behaviours and strategies for being more inclusive
  • Experiential learning that generates real know-how

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    "Kevin takes a considered approach that seeks integration and balance in the face of limits. His approach welcomes doubts as questions to be lived with and taken seriously. This means that he works exceptionally well in diverse environments. He is comfortable and highly capable in dissolving conflict and very difficult team dynamics. His insightful views on life and people, offer a unique perspective in the interventions he proposes as well as the training methodology he follows."

    Paul Norman

    Paul Norman

    Group Chief Human Resources Officer & Member of Exec Committee, MTN Group Limited

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