Productive leaders develop their team’s decision making capability

Leaders make many decisions, as individuals and in teams, every day. These determine the success of their business and careers. Switched on Leaders do that skilfully – they have great decision mojo. But, decision traps lie in wait for even the most seasoned of us. These limit our options and affect the time, cost and quality of our projects.

Our workshops and coaching increase the effectiveness of individual and team decision making.

Switch on your decision making ...

Decision Mojo™ workshops and coaching offer:

  • Research in neuroscience, decision theory & behavioural economics
  • Immediately actionable strategies to make more effective decisions & avoid cognitive traps
  • Teams have fun & build a common vocabulary for better decision-making by giving each other constructive feedback
Decision Mojo

Decision Mojo

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"Kevin is an excellent facilitator of thought. Don't expect any answers on a plate or to be spoon-fed solutions. His ability to force you to distinguish perception from reality truly enables effective decision making. He helped me realise that decisions need not be ’for’ me and ‘against’ the business or vice versa but that there is always a third option that would benefit both parties. This breaking down of binary thinking and seeing my situation more holistically prevented me from taking a drastic course of action that would not have been in either my own or the company’s best interest. The fact that I arrived at this realisation on my own rather than it being presented to me is what makes Kevin’s coaching truly valuable. Because of that I remain able to apply these decision making skills today, each time finding mutually beneficial solutions. Thank you Kevin!"

Ignatius Kotze

Ignatius Kotze

Head of Life Economic Reporting, PartnerRE Reinsurance Europe

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