1 - 3 day annual team offsite

Align your team for a high-performing year:

  • Reflect on past performance and learn lessons
  • Understand direction and objectives
  • Identify critical success factors
  • Clarify overlaps in roles, responsibilities and needs

We have done versions of this off-site for many new and established teams in multiple sectors and geographies.

Some are very memorable. Like the time in Uganda we were interrupted by an elephant pushing over a tree just 50 meters away from our meeting room on the banks of the Nile River. While the team members sat open-mouthed, the hotel’s ground crew were grouped near-by with a digger and spades waiting to re-plant the tree. Apparently this happens a couple of times a month there.

Actually every annual team off-site we facilitate is unique. Every team has its own identity and reason for being. It also has its own distinctive norms and ways of working.

But from our multiple clients across the years we have learned that there are also some strong common drivers for, and against, any team’s effective performance, year in and year out. We use these insights to help each team really look in the mirror and move forward.

Usually our clients want a combination of getting the team more engaged with the business goals as well as building team spirit.

So our approach is to design the off-site collaboratively with the team leader. That way we can make sure it is informed by the business objectives and team score-card. We also aim to make the event highly participative so that everyone gets to have a go. It really is possible to have annual team meetings that are experiential, fun and meaningful.

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