A one-day high-participation business strategy event

Make your strategy come to life:

  • Break the boring death by PowerPoint routine
  • Give people a chance to champion what matters most to them
  • Get everyone to contribute feedback on all areas of the business
  • Align the moving parts for real collaboration

We've designed and facilitated this innovative conferencing method for groups ranging from 30 - 160 in size.

One client is a technology solution development and consulting company. They were pleased with the excellence of each of their operational, development, delivery and support teams. But the CEO felt that things could be even better if the separate team priorities and ambitions were more closely enough aligned with each other and with the overall business objectives.

That’s a fairly normal need. But in an industry where mature talent is scarce and mobile, the CEO also wanted to increase the sense of belonging of the various team leads which made our task more interesting for sure.

So, working with their internal people team, we co-ordinated our market-place style strategy day with interactive, content based stalls in which all of the operational, development, delivery and support team leads could:

  • Gain a clear overall picture of the business priorities and key business activities
  • Present their own team’s delivery objectives in an interactive display and get feedback from others
  • Resolve alignment challenges

We designed the process to minimise grandstanding, maximise diversity and create a one-team experience for the various group leads.

The Result:

As a result the extended leadership group was more joined-up. They all understood who was delivering what so that inter-function dependencies and timings worked. This gave the CEO more effective control over business success drivers; the Extended Leadership Team greater understanding of the big picture, and the Company’s sub-teams sharper functional focus. Individual leaders reported that their engagement with their work was significantly higher.

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